Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lovin life

So this weekend has been great!!! Friday we sluffed fourth and played call of duty, then watched mean girls that night! I had my cheer comp! We got second!! :) it was great! And my best friend came to support us! So I got to spend the whole day with my two best friends! :) then I got to go support my cousin in the state championships!! :) he did great!! Go lone peak basketball!! :) they are ranked 2nd In The nation!

So on the way home from weber we stopped and ate at brick oven pizza. Then it was my family and Shelby in the car, and my little sister says to my dad "dad when the second coming comes and everything turns bad, will Disneyland be bad?" It was precious! :) haha

Then me, kallee, Candice, and Shelby had a girls night!! :) it was the best girls night ever!! We made 3 music videos! (Soon to be posted) then we drove around and filmed at Walmart and McDonald's and our high school! :) then my car got syranwrapped so we went and cotton balled and toilet papered jaces car- cuz he was the one who did it! It was great! Haha :)

What a wonderful weekend with my best friends:)

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