Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If you love something and you let it go, your stupid!!

Wow it's been a while since I've done a new post, so here it goes. The second semester has started and guess where I am on the second day? I am at home, in bed, SICK!!!!! I never knew how much I loved being healthy, until it left me :P. So I am going to pretty much sum up the past few months in a few short sentences :) (HAHAHA YA RIGHT!!! More like a few short paragraphs)

Let's start with my friends. They are AMAZING!! My friends are what keep me alive (jk not really, but they support me alot) they are there to share their opinion and have a great time with. K so me and 3 of my best friends, Wesley, Matt, & Sarah; went to wendys one night after riding the fourwheeler. So Wesley and Matt suddenly decided to put barbecue sauce below their nose and make themselves some handle bar mustaches. Then they would stand on some chairs and say some just random, stupid, comedic sayings that came to them off the top of their heads. Me and Sarah and my parents could not stop laughing!! And the whole restaurant was watching them too, and they were all laughing!! I will never forget that night because that is a night that we all had fun together just being the goofy, silly, little small minded eigth graders!!

Ok let's move onto Cheer!! In case you didn't know I cheer for the Utah Twisters All Stars. I love everyone in there. They have Grown apart of me, I love them like family. We have so much fun with each other all the time. Even during conditioning we are trying to smile and not let the pain bring us down. Unfortunately I have not been to cheer in 2 weeks because I am still sick. I am so scared though because I have to learn 3 new dances and 2 new stunts. UGH :P. But our first competition is on Saturday. I hope I can feel better for it :)

School :P. Why have it it is so pointless. The only thing it's good for is socializing and lunch. Well anyways my favorite class in school right now would probably be my art class. I love art so much it's so fun to go to that class all the time. It's fun too, cuz 2 of my best friends are in that class, Wesley & Brandon. It's fun and I am excited to see how that class turns out.

My weekly moto was going to be a cheesy line that I quoted from a famous disney channel show "wizards of waverly place" It was "If you love something let it go, if it doesnt come back it was never yours in the first place." I posted that quote on facebook. Then my awesome aunt commented "If you love something and let it go, then your stupid". I thought about this and realized that is so true. Why on earth would you want to let something go that you love, it just doesnt make sense. Then I thought who ever made that saying up, must have had a pretty depressing life. So now my weekly moto is........ "If you love something and you let it go, your stupid!!"