Thursday, May 2, 2013

High school

High school. The place before we are let loose into the world like sitting ducks waiting for the predators to come and adopt us into the reality we call life.

It's glorified in movies and Hollywood. But is nothing similar to that.

It's where groups and cliques are formed. Where status quo is the flow. It's when those "friends" you had in junior high- you won't even talk to. When everything changes.

It's the barb wire fence separating you and the rest of your life. It's when your most embarrassing stories are made and when your first impression becomes the thing that follows you throughout those 3 years.

It's the awkward stage. The invincible stage. The stupidity stage. The journey is finding yourself thru a maze of ridicule and social awkwardness. It's the time when you either find your voice... Or you keep it secret from everyone around you.

It's highlighting the smart kids, athletic scholars, and outstanding attendance students. While the mediocre kids just blend.

We're a sea of nothing but walking, learning, robots. We go from day to day doing and repeating the same routine every day. We don't stand out. We don't stand up. We don't make a difference. We're just.... There.

For some it's the cherry on top of their sundae of life. It's everything that they'd intended to get out of high school. The cheer captain gets prom queen. The star football player makes the winning touchdown. The straight A student gets valedictorian.

Nothing changes. It's all a stereotype. It's all something that we've all heard and read before in every movie, book, and magazine. It's cliques and groups and stereotypes.

It's high school.