Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wonderful end to a wonderful season

So I'm heading home from California right now!

It's over. Cheer. My season with my team is..... Done.

It's been my life- my second family- my everything for the past 9 months.

My team became more than a team, they were my family and I got closer to them than anybody. We relied on each other, we each others support system.

So we came to San Diego, California to compete at nationals for the last time this season.

We absolutely ROCKED our routine!!! We were so proud and knew whatever happened, happened. But we were proud of ourselves.

We got second!!:) we did so good and I love my team:) and on top of that I had a great vacation with my wonderful team! :)

What a great season it's been:) see ya next year twisters:)


Wow being 16 is great! :) I get to drive around with all my friends, date people, and can hang out till all hours of the night:) (or 11:30) but hey it's good:)

I seriously am at good place in my life. I am happy with the friends I've surrounded myself with, and the choices I'm making. I couldn't do it without my friends and family's help tho.

This past week was spring break. As I did have A BLAST with my friends:) the highlight of my week was getting to go to the temple with two of my best friends.

I got to go to the you g women's broadcast with them, and I got to watch conference with them also:)

I am so lucky to have good friends who love me and inspire me, and help me make right choices. I love them.