Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PROOM 2013- yes I meant how I spelled it

Prom was on Saturday fellow bloggers. And thanks to an amazing guy my dreams and expectations of the perfect fairytale prom that every little girl pictures from the time she is young, became a reality. It was definitely a high school musical night to remember. (for all my high school musical fans out there) What a fun two days it was to spend with some of my dearest and closest friends. p.s. I still smell like campfire..... its fine. so yay for PROOM! well this week has been a rough one. A student at dear old AF high committed suicide on Sunday. 3 bombs went off in Boston, Massachusetts. My brothers 14th birthday since his death was also Monday. It was just a day full of sadness and grief. I was glad I got to participate in a candlelight ceremony in honor of our dear student. It was freezing and windy outside, yet almost 400 people came with candles and blankets to sit and grieve with one another and share memories and stories and testimonies of our dear loved one who has passed. It was one of the neatest experiences. Its so sad that it took the life of a kid to make people realize that a change is needed. It took something as tragic as a loved one committing suicide to make everyone come together as one and want to make a difference. Shouldn't we have already wanted that? Shouldn't that have already been acheived? Something to think about I guess. well I am off to Cali! Wish me luck at nationals!