Monday, March 18, 2013

NCA Nationals

Lets start with I love my team! Utah Twisters team Fury:)

So the salt lake nationals was Saturday! My team absolutely rocked it!! :) we made it to match play which is when the top two teams in your division compete again for first place!

We did the best, most energetic routine ever! :) our coach was so proud! We got second! But we didn't go down without a fight! :) it was seriously intense! It was good competition and a close call!

Anyways I love my team! They are so great! And I love Cheerleading! No matter how much I complain or whine about going to practice, or being sore the next day, or all the bumps scrapes and bruises I get- I love it. I love it all. I can't imagine my life differently! It's my passion.

Life's going good. Everything's going great!
High school= ehhh.
My friends are absolutely amazing! :)
being 16= so great!
Having a liscense= PRIME!
I couldn't ask for more:)

I love all of you that read my blog! You guys are great! Spread the word:) kisses! :)