Friday, March 8, 2013


Just a quick announcement! I got asked to prom this week!! :) I am so ecstatic! I got asked my Taylor Maag! :) I love him!

So I came home from cheer and the doorbell rang, so I went and got it and found Reese's and a tshirt that said "PROM?" And then is had tons of names on the shirt and I had to wash it to know which person asked me!

So I went and washed the shirt! And I found Taylor's name left! :) I was so happy!

So to answer him I filled a glass vase with tons of jolly ranchers! Then in one of the green jolly ranchers I wrapped a piece if green cellophane that said "YES" on it, inside the candy. Then I put a piece of paper that said "search for my jolly answer!" :)

So I am so excited! I get to go to prom with my best friend!!