Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Friend filled weekend

So my weekend started like any other. With my friends, going to someone's house up in whoville. :)

This time the gathering place was at Lindsey's house! Me and Candice pulled up to her house and we walked inside to find Lindsey and Abby on the couch, and the 5 boys whipping each other with dish cloths! :)

It was gonna be a fun night! :) so we went downstairs to find a pool table and a ping pong table and a stereo system. We started blasting skrillex and attempted to play a game of pool- until Wesley and hyrum decided to start stealing the que ball. So we then attempted ping pong, and eventually that turned into sting pong. So the boys decided to run outside and have a snowball fight- then they came in and had a boys dance party! :) they were hilarious! I've seriously never aren't them act like that!! They were jumping around and dancing! It was great!

Then on Saturday I went snowboarding for my second time! I went to Brighton with Candice, jace, Taylor, Nate, and hyrum. It was so fun! They kinda got me and Candice addicted! I got pretty good! I fell a couple times but I just kept getting back up! :) it was awesome! I can't wait to go again!