Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Only Christmas can bring that big of a grin!

Christmas morning! The day that every little boy and girl in the world look forward to! :) they dream of the decorated trees and brightly colored wrapped presents! In my family apparently it is harder to actually get to the dreaming part!

My sister would not go to sleep last night! And She was not going to be the only one! She kept me up with her! She would get out of bed every 5 minutes and look out at the tree just to make sure she didn't miss the presents! And then when she was in bed she would move around 800 times and switch positions and rustle the covers! It was not a silent night!!

Then it didn't help my parents decided to bring the presents downstairs at 11:30 P.m. Because my sister is still awake and then she hears that! So then she went out and stared at the tree for like 15 minutes! Haha and then she tried to get me to go see it! So then i didn't actually et to fall asleep till an hour later!

Then this morning she woke us all up at 5:30 a.m. I have never seen a child so excited! So we opened presents and the only thing my sis asked for was the new iPod touch. So we are going thru presents and we are getting down to the last few and she still hasn't gotten it, so you could tell she was getting a little disappointed. So we get to the fourth to last box and she opens it and it was the iPod! She was so happy! She was bouncing up and down and she immediately opened it!! Then after that she checked out for the rest of the opening of presents! :) haha

I got exactly what I wanted! :) I got a lot of clothes! And I was so exstatic! That was all I asked for! So I tried them all on after and everything fit perfectly! :) and that never happens! I was so happy! :) this Christmas has been great!

So every year we have a tradition with my dads family is that we have a day where we bake and decorate sugar cookies all day and we call it cookie day! :) I look forward to it every year! And that was also one of the highlights this Christmas!

On Sunday night, the 23rd; was the Rogers family Christmas party (My moms side of the family)! We had dinner and did the talent show! Me and my sister sang and then I showed our "good time" music video! And our whole family made a music video! Then me and my cousins decided to video each other do random raps! And that turned out pretty interesting! :)

On Christmas Eve, we went to the Morris family party (my dads side of the family)! We ate dinner and then played some games! We played the WAH game! Haha and that was just a party! Then we played the game where you write something to do with Christmas and put it on your forehead and try to guess what you are! That was fun too! Then we also made a music video and we did it to gangnam style! That was the highlight of the night! That brought everyone together! And we sang Christmas songs as a family and it was just a great Christmas Eve! Then after everyone was helping each other load the cars and scrape the ice off the windows! I felt so connected to my family! :)

I think one of the best things this Christmas season that happened was that it snowed!! It didn't snow last year. And that was something I wanted so bad; was a white Christmas! :) I am so happy to be so blessed and to be surrounded with friends and family in this wonderful time if the year! I am always happiest in the holiday season, and only Christmas can bring that big of a grin! :)