Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hard works pays off

Had our second competition yesterday!! :) it was so fun!! :) I adore my team! :)

We did so good! It was the best routine we have ever done!! :) my coach was almost in tears! I was so happy!!

We hit every stunt!! And everything went perfect!! :) no one was expecting us to do that good! :)

We all ran off the floor when the music ended and we were all freaking out!! Hugging and screaming and jumping!! :) it was the best feeling knowing we did the best we could!

Once awards rolled around we all say in a circle with our team and waited for the results!

Just a little background- so we have these "arch rivals" who we compete against. The coaches for that team used to be the coaches for my team, but they quit and formed their own gym. So ya-we don't love them..

So awards came and they announced our division...

"In 3rd place with a score of 62.35- J2A jaguars"

"In 2nd place with a score of 69.69- UTAH TWISTERS!!!!!!!

We all got up and screamed our hearts out!! :) we just beat our arch rivals and performed a great routine!!! :) that was the best feeling!

I love my team and my coaches! And I couldn't ask for a better experience! Cheerleading is my passion. It's what I love to do. I may complain about the extra log and hard practices, but at competition when you preform and get that adrenaline rush- it all becomes worth it! :)

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