Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The roads are rough

So today I had my driving test. I am officially qualified to be a license driver! I just have to wait until the 6-month date of my permit. But I passed!!! Haha I was so nervous!!

But last week so many things were happening and it was just a disaster week. Nothing seemed be going good, and everything was stressful. It was just not an enjoyable week. It was rough. And I was thinking about it on my road test, as I was driving up and down the roads. There were bumps and potholes and hills and turns. And that is just like life. It's a road, and it can take you anywhere. And the journey can be rough sometimes, with traffic, and weather conditions, and twists and bumps in your road. Or it can be smooth sailing, with the cruise control on. It all just depends in the right or left turn you choose to take at the stop light.

Make the right decisions, even if they are the hard decisions. Take the road less traveled. And remember the roads are rough.

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