Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making memories!! So hard!!

Thanksgiving break had been a blast!! I spent thee entire time having sleepovers with my cousins and making music vids!! :) it was awesome!! I went Black Friday shopping for the first time! It was great! Haha I was so hyper, and I am pretty sure it was because I drank 2 dr. Peppers before and the adrenaline of being up past 1 a.m. :) haha! But I have never been so happy to lay down in a bed!! Then the next day we slept in till 1 in the afternoon! That just felt so great! Then we made music videos like mad men!! They turned out so great!! :) haha so I will post em here! So in the spirit of thanksgiving I want to say I am so thankful for my cousins! And family and friends! They make my life amazing and very colorful! :) they are awesome! And I love my followers! :) happy late thanksgiving! :) now let's get in the spirit of Christmas, shall we? ;)

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