Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life doesn't come with an instruction guide

Growing up is hard! High school is rough. There are cliques and groups and you have to find somewhere to fit in. You have bars to raise and standards to live up to! It's no walk in the park. You have to balance friends and boys, and school, homework and extra curriculars! It's not easy!

I went to my first date dance in Saturday!! It was a girls choice dance, so the girls had to plan it, and pay, and pick up, etc. I'm not gonna lie, it was stressful to plan! Haha you have to figure out the day date, and the dinner, and where your getting your pictures taken, and the schedule, and your group! It was hard!! Haha! But totally worth it in the end!! It turned out way fun! Our group was awesome! And we had a blast!

For the day date we made gingerbread houses! And then we are dinner at Chilis! And went to the dance! Then had hot chocolate after! It was awesome! :) I asked Jace Ercanbrack! It was awesome!

I am so excited for Christmas break! :) my cousins are coming home from college, and we are going to party!! :) and make some rockin awesome music videos! :) and I am going to hang out with my friends! I am hoping that I can go snowboarding with one of my besties Taylor! :)

I just want to say that even tho life may be hard and sometimes feel unbearable, just remember that something good will come of it and it is only temporary. Try to focus on the good things in life. During this holiday season try to think outside yourself and reach out to others. And remember that everyone makes mistakes because life doesn't come with an instruction guide! :)

I just want to give a special shoutout to my best friend willow! I love her! And she needs to know how much she has impacted my life! I think she is beautiful! And amazing! And I love her! I love you willow!

P.s. Taylor I love you! :) <3

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