Thursday, November 8, 2012

I have waited my entire life

I have waited my entire life to be 16!!! :) and it is finally here! I can't believe that I am actually sixteen! It's unbelievable! I had thee absolute best birthday ever! :) I got to have the party of my dreams, and I was surrounded with wonderful friends and family! :) who could ask for more! :)

So my party went great! I had a dance party and invited about 100 of my friends! :) My parents and I went the full 9 yards on this party! We had the full DJ sound system and light bar (so kindly borrowed to us by my uncle), we had a candy bar decked out with a popcorn machine, and decorations that were so bright and neon that the gym looked like it had been transform end :) it was everything I had dreamed if since I was 8!!

Thank you to everyone who came and helped me with the party!! :) you made my birthday so special! :) I love you all!:)

Oh ya, I have my first date tomorrow!! :) For the date we are going up to temple square and going to see a concert and have hot chocolate after!! I'm so excited!! Wish me luck! :)