Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dentist Apointment

I had a dentist appointment to get two teeth pulled. Youch!!!! Before I got the four shots of that cool num-stuff, they gave me HAPPY GAS. They asked me to put up two fingers, apparently i put up three fingers. Wow, i was sure out of it. Then they asked me again to put up two fingers, apparently i put up my entire hand.

Well once he gave me the num-stuff, and it was all working. He took out my two top teeth in the back. I did not feel one thing at all, It didn't even feel like he was pulling a toot or anything.

But the ride home wasn't that fun. I had like two wadded up gauze in my mouth, so when i got home and took them out, my jaw was really sore. I can only eat soup and pop-sicles and jello. Weeeee, but it's not that fun when you see a commercial on t.v. that has a big, juicy, steak and fries, but you can't even have a little piece of goldfish.

Last night I was eating some soup, but the noodles were round and very small. And one of the holes from where the tooth had been was very deep. So when I was sipping my soup, I felt up in the hole, and there was noodle stuck in the hole. So my mom had to get the tweezers and pull the noodle out of the hole. That happened twice, except that the second one crumbled as it was coming out so it took longer to get out of the hole.

I got to stay home from school today because it hurt's really bad. But the worst part is that i have to drink this medicine every 7 hours. Uhhhhh I HATE MEDICINE!!!!!!!

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