Friday, February 8, 2013

You move your meat- you lose your seat!

Pondering our lunch table today, I was looking at everyone and just thinking how blessed I was to be surrounded by all my best friends.

So at our lunch table if you aren't there within the first 5 minutes you will not get a seat! Haha we cram about 19 people at one of the small circle tables and honestly it's the best part of my day!

If someone gets up everyone fights like it's world war 2 for their chair. But we all laugh hysterically and have the best time with each other.

I just want to high light some of my besties! :) they mean so much to me :)

Where do I begin! Lets start with Shelby!! She is so beautiful! Inside and out!! She is such a light in my life!! I adore with all my heart and she is always there for me! And I know I can trust her with all my life!! I can't turn to her for anything! And honestly I don't know what I would without her!!

Lindsey!! This girl is the funnest, most amazing, and beautiful, (can't forget gullible:)), girl ever!! She is simply amazing!! She can make me laugh anyday! And I am so happy I met her!! She is gorgeous, and creative, and just awesome!

Then there's Taylor:) he is my best friend! I can tell him anything and there are no secrets between us! He is always there for me, and I trust him with everything!! He makes me laugh like no other! I never stop smiling when I'm with him!! I just love him!! :)

Wesley!! I have known Wes since seventh grade and honestly I never want to lose him as my bestie!! He is just awesome and I love him so much!! He is hilarious! And we have the best long deepful talks!! He's more of my brother more than my bestie :)

Candice!!! Bahahaha I can't even describe our friendship!! She is my bestie!! We are in the same cheer team! And that couldn't be a better bonding experience for us. We go through everything together!! :) we have THEE BEST inside jokes!! And we always have the best time together and make the best of every situation!! :) I love her!!

Willow! She is so gorgeous and cute!! And we have been thru so much together! I hope she knows how special she is. And that she holds a special place in my heart!

There are so many more of my friends that I love and cherish with all my heart!!! :) Tanner, Nate, hyrum, Abby, jace, Dante. I love you all so so much!! :)

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