Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being Sick Sucks

Being Sick sucks. I hate it so much. You feel and gross and tired. I don't get to go to school and see all of my friends and Thanksgiving is in two days. I have a ton of homework and I feel fine. I never thought I would want to go to school so badly.

Tennielle I am so sorry I wasn't there. So next week I owe you big time

Abi will you tell Mr. Bryson That i am sick and will give him my art on Monday. Thanks

Allie Have fun in keyboarding and write alexis a note for me. Have Fun

I am really sorry all of my friends hope you have a good day in school.


  1. haha ok well this is teneille and you missed a free day omg today was so much fun and I was wearing cute sweats and you weren't here to see them ugh well get feeling better oh and I almost forgot!!!!!
    You know how we have to do a project for English? Yah well you can Do your project using your blog!! Kewl huh so you can just probably use your blog to complete your project. You just post a post and I think you will be set!!!! YAHOO good for you well we are just in keyboarding missing you so bad!!!!!

  2. YEs you do owe me big time you will have to buy me a propel ok so on Monday next week you better come prepared with 3 dollars 2 for you and 1 for me :):) B>