Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thrift shopping and mountain climbing

Can I just say after one of thee hardest weeks ever I had the best day yesterday!! :) so me and my best friend Shelby came home after school and we drove to Denny's to get a smoothie. (Because their groovy mango smoothies are basically liquid gold) as we slurped our heaven in a cup, we went and got some French fries. Because after a long day of school you get hungry! :)

So then we are driving around and our conversation is going in the direction of getting jobs. So I was like "I want to work at gordmans" so then as I'm approaching the roundabout in front of gordmans Shelby's yells "NOW OPEN!?!?!?" We look at each other and scream!!!! :) so we went to gordmans and looked around a bit! And then we went to DI.

We got some rockin awesome sick-nasty tshirts. They were great! I got this large men's shirt that has a shark on it! And Shelby got this purple green and black Tye dye tower of terror shirt!! Haha they were too good! :) then on the way out of DI Thrift Shop by mackelmore came on the radio!! We were so pumped! Then we ate yummy Chinese food.

But then things got a little more serious. We got a text from one of our friends that he was going to run away. Something had happened that hurt his feelings and he had climbed the mountain behind his house. So we went and looked for him. We climbed a mile up this mountain to look for our friend. After about 22 phone calls and 6 text messages we couldn't get ahold of him. So we said a prayer. And after we said a prayer we decided that we needed to go back down, it was going to get dark soon and we had been calling him for an hour.

So as we are walking down this mountain I see a box under a rock. I thought it was a geo cache. So we opened the box and found missionary letters. There were two letters written by a boy and girl and it was how they had come up to this mountain to teach their last lesson before leaving on their mission. It was the neatest thing! The sun was setting so me and Shelby just watched the sunset for a bit and we just had the calmest feeling. So we treked back down this mountain.

When we got back to the car I drove down by his house and we saw his parents outside talking to one of the neighbors. Me and Shelby started freaking out. He wasn't home!! So we drove back up to this park. And then we tried calling him one more time, and he answered!! Me and Shelby were so relieved he was ok that we both just started crying right there in the car! So after finding out he was ok and we were on the complete wrong side of the mountain we went to Lindsey birthday party. (Which was so fun!!!)

It was the craziest Friday ever! I am so grateful for my friends! They are always there for me! I cherish each and every one of them!

I love my Heavenly Father. I know the church if Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I have a strong testimony of this gospel. I love it so much and I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers.

Lets hope that next week can be just as fun! :)

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