Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What a weekend

So for this stupendous long weekend, who better to spend it with than my best friends!! :)

So morp was on Saturday! That was a blast! It was Hawaiin theme! For the day date we went bowling and then to whistle wok and u-swirl! :) and then the dance was just great!! I had a blast imitating the awkward couples and groups dancing in the back! Haha I swear some people..... Bless their hearts! :) but it was fun! I took Hyrum Giles!! :) he is absolutely one of my best friends! And I love him! And I had a blast! :)

Then on Sunday me, Candice, jace, Taylor, Shelby, Ella, and Nate all went to tanners eagle court of honor! We are so proud of him! GOOD JOB TANNER!!!!! :) so for a reward he got a knife blank, so he sticks it in his back pocket.

So after we are all up hugging him and congratulating him! And Taylor comes running up and hugs tanner and picks him up and then smacks his butt as hard as he can! Then we are all getting refreshments, and I'm looking around and I don't see Taylor... So jace comes in and he is like "Taylor cut his hand!! Taylor cut his hand!!"

My immediate first thought is "you guys are so dumb- I know this is a prank!" So I follow have out to the hall and I see the door to the men's restroom, and there was blood like all over the floor leading in there. So I walk in (yes I walked in the boys bathroom! But my best friend was bleeding!) and Taylor is sitting over the sink with his hand like gushing blood under the water! So soon enough more people find out about it so then we have almost all our friends in the men's restroom with him! Haha luckily braiden garners dad is a doctor and so he told us to take Taylor to his house.

So we get a paper towel and was it over is cut. And it was more than a cut it was more like a stab! Because when he slapped tanners butt, the knife stabbed up his hand. It was so deep! It was sick nasty!!

So we are walking Taylor to jaces car and by this point he white as snow! He has gone so pale and loopy be can barely hold himself up! We don't know if it was cuz he lost so much blood, or he went into shock- we don't know. So we are walking out of the church, and Taylor just like collapses! So we all had to like scoop him up and carry him the truck.

So we get him to the garners house. He walks in and lays on the couch. And we had about all 19 of our friends there! It was great! :) and so brother garner comes out with his staple gun and staples him up! And so ya! That was an eventful Sunday!! Poor kid! But he was brave! :)

So it was a great weekend! :) lets hope we don't get anyone injured this weekend! Which me luck in my competition on saturday! :)

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