Friday, January 4, 2013

Sick of being sick!

Wow it is 2013! That's crazy! And to bring in the new year I partied pretty crazy. With my couch and some tissues and only until 10:30. That's right I'm sick. But not just me. The entire Morris house is sick. We are like one giant Germ Bomb over here! So instead of getting to party on New Years with all my teenage friends. The closest I came to a party was the JaNEWary marathon on Disney Channel. So That was my New Years Eve. But my whole family has been sick for a week now! It is really taking its toll on us. This is the worst I have ever been sick. Not to mention the longest. And its only the flu. Realy?!?! But before I got sick I was having a pretty great break!I got to hang out with my friends and I went to a stake dance, and Me, Madi, and Erica had a sleepover! When our brains get together we think of things that only the minds of 3 teenage girls could come up with. So we wanted to go sledding-no sleds, and no hill. so maybe we could fourwheel in the snow? no fourwheeler. So our conclusion was Mattress sledding! So what we did was tie a tow cable around a foam mattress and tie to the back of my cousins car and she drives around in the junior high parking lot. It was so much fun, until you hit the patch of fresh powder and get sprayed in the face. At first it was kinda cold but the longer it sprayed you, the more it burned! Then you get two 15 and 16 year old teenage girls on a foam mattress behind a car and you've got a great equation. The mattress kept ripping, so we kept having to retie it together. By the end all we had was some foam pieces and some thread holing it together! But it was a memorable experience. Then to top the night off we went back to my cousins house and all played Minecraft for 3 hours after that. It was a successful sleepover until I woke sick as a dog the next morning. :(So I have been camped out on my couch in the basement with a box of tissues and a Humidifier for the past week. I never thought I would say that I am actually happy to be going back to school. I feel so people deprived. Just want to close this post with HAPPY 2013!!!!! Don't forget to work on your new year resolution ;)

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