Saturday, October 13, 2012

This crazy little thing called life

This crazy little thing called life. It's filled with up's and down's and all arounds. Full of love and lies. Heartbreak and pure joy. Its got the craziest emotions all wrapped into something that the human race calls life. My life however, I would say is different than everybody elses life. I have a different family. Different friends. Different problems. Different trials. Different thoughts. No one is the same. My life is full of friends and family and cousins. My life without my cousins would be tottally dull. I have lived with them by my side my entire life. I was raised with them being my best friends. Every time we hang out we do something tottally outrageous and spontaneous, and we never do the same thing more than once. For instance one tme we decided that we wanted to make a music video. So we made a music video! It was one of the funnest nights of my life. We drove around springville finding the most random places to film and dance. The next time we hung out we did a photoshoot. And we took pictures on super random things that we could find down main street. Then we had this brilliant idea to take the giant cylinder traffic cones and get inside of them and walk around on the side of the road. Now keep in mind that it is 11:30 at night and we are climbing into traffic cones and walking around in them. There is no one out on the street so we were safe, and we weren't damaging any property. All we were doing was taking some freakin legit photos in some traffic cones. So we're goofing around and then tottally randomly a cop truck drives up and turns on his lights and pulls over. Can you imagine being a cop and driving around at 11:30 at night and finding 3 girls on the side of the road each with traffic cones over their heads. The cop started questioning us and asking us random questions. So apparently it is illegal to move traffic cones and get in them... But you know, we have a pretty good darn memory now. Then tonight we decided to just take a drive and we would think of something to do on the way. So we went to walmart and bought Arizona's and some French bread. I know super random. :) but it was yummy!! So then we went to my high school and started taking some pics; and my cousin found this super random stool just sitting on the grass. So we took it. Then we driving around the road and we found this little tubular traffic cone. So you know being us we took that too. haha then my friend just randomly sent me his address ;) haha jk I asked for it so then me and my cousins went over to his house. So first we doorbell ditched his house. He was home alone with two friends, so it was perfect. So they come walking outside yelling "that's not very nice you guys". So then once they were back inside, we went back to the garage door and left the stool. But them being the little bums they are, didn't go get it. So then we took the cone and put it on the front porch. And long story short they still don't know that is was me and my cousins. and we still have the traffic cone. My cousins mean the world to me. I have grown up with them since we were all in diapers, to nw when we all have our drivers liscenses. Friends come and go, but cousins will always be there. Always. Enjoy your cousins and your family. Because before you know it, your going to be all grown up and going off to college. Don't ever live a day living with regret from yesterday. Life is precious so live it. At times it seems that walls of our life are caving in on us, but in those moments is when you need to be the strongest. I promise that you can make it throught your trials. And that sounds super cleashae. But It's true. Enjoy this crazy little thing called life.

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