Sunday, April 11, 2010

SpRiNg BrEaK!!!!!!!

Hey everybody hope you all had a great spring break!! I know that I did. I went to St. George and tropic. Then for the Rest of the week we just SLEPT IN (that's a big Plus), hung out with friends, and did homework (OK that one is NOT a plus).

In St. George/Tropic we went four wheeling and hiking. Swimming (thanks Deb) and I won Tripoli the first time that I played. We did a lot of driving in the car. We also drove through Zions National Park. We went through the really long tunnel that they have in the middle. We had our four wheeler trailer, and they had to shut down the tunnel just so that we could fit through the tunnel. ha ha ha it was so funny. When we came out of the other side everyone glared at us like they were so upset that we had to go through the tunnel. ha ha ha it was funny.

When we came home from St. George we just chilled for the rest of the week. I also went to see the movie The Last Song twice. I love that show so much. I had a Great Spring Break. I really really really do NOT want to go back to school, but Everybody has to ha ha ha. <3

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  1. Hey Lizzie, What a cute post. You have seen Last Song Twice? I loved that show too1

    I love how you decorated your blog! Its adorable.

    Glad you had a great Spring break. Love you Grandma Sheila